What is a 1031 Exchange?

An exchange provides an alternative to the usual buying and selling of commercial real estate. The 1031 exchange (IRS Section 1031) allows the holders of a business or investment property to exchange one property for another that is “like kind” and similar in value, and delay paying capital gains/taxes that would normally incur, so long as the rules are followed.

How can you benefit?

This is a powerful investment strategy and estate planning tool which can save you a lot of money in taxes if you have the knowledge to use it correctly and effectively.

How we can help.

With stringent rules and timelines that must be adhered by, having a knowledgeable and experienced partner to provide you with a wide variety of investment options, and ensure all guidelines are met and executed on time is highly advantageous. Our team at Fortis has the expertise and experience to help you avoid any problems and effectively execute your 1031 exchange. Since 2002 our principals have assisted clients in successfully completing 1031 exchange transactions across all product types.


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