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Carlos A. Torres

Carlos established his roots as…

Carlos established his roots as a native Colombia before moving to the US in late 2001. Orlando, FL. is where Carlos started honing his sales skills and relationships as a luxury automotive sales rep at a very credible Mercedes Benz Dealership. Working with high net worth individuals Carlos exceeded any bench mark set by the company achieving many sales orientated goals.

With aspirations of being self-employed Carlos moved his family to Las Vegas in 2011 to start his real estate career. While obtaining his real estate license in Nevada Carlos instantly fell in love with everything Las Vegas had to offer, especially the beauty and uniqueness of the properties and neighborhoods. Quickly establishing clients Carlos’s real estate career started immediately by focusing on his sphere of influence of accredited Investors, this lead to vast relationships with Las Vegas property and business owners. Starting with Fortis Commercial Advisors in 2016 with a strong strategic knowledge and understanding of SBA lending Carlos’s focus is on small business owners. Being able to mentor and guide, based on what he truly loves about real estate has been the biggest thrill of being an investment advisor for him. Building great long lasting relationships and being respected by his clients and peers has been what Carlos attributes his success to.

Whether you’re looking to invest in your first property, sell your current property or looking for a good investment opportunity, Carlos is here to help with any of your real estate needs.

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