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Fortis Commercial Advisors would like to formally introduce a new agent to our team!

Roman Mendez comes to us from a background in hospitality and a family in residential real estate. Knowing a bit about the industry, Roman chose to pursue the ever expanding commercial real estate scene in Las Vegas and we are lucky to have him on our side! Welcome to the team!

Land sales are strong as development activity remains robust in the Las Vegas valley. Our very own Allan Piccarillo  Christian Reyes  closed on a $10,000,000, 30 acre parcel on the corner of Tropical and Lamb. This will be home to a brand-new development that will feature multi-tenant anchored retail (Grocery), National Banks, Drugstore/Pharmacy and a convenience store/gas station. 

For more information or opportunities like this one Contact us here!


Congratulations and keep up the hustle!

Every month, in order to share the expertise of our agents, we want to “teach” a topic related to the industry, as well as answer questions that our readers may have. So, to kick us off, we decided to dedicate this first month to :

1031 Exchanges

Are you considering a 1031 exchange or just want to know your options? Since 2007 we’ve been helping clients sell and buy their exchange property!  Click Here for more info!

Well, there you have it! The new Fortis Commercial Advisors blog is off and running! Stay tuned to see our first part in our education series about 1031 Exchanges.

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